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Wroclaw Copernicus Airport - All Information on Wroclaw Copernicus Airport (WRO)

Copernicus Wroclaw Airport (WRO) Copernicus Wroclaw Airport (WRO)

Copernicus Wroclaw Airport

Graniczna 190, 54-530 Wrocław, Poland
+48 713581100
+48 713-58-1437 (Lost + Found)
+48 713573973 (fax)
Wroclaw Copernicus Airport - All Information on Wroclaw Copernicus Airport (WRO)

Wroclaw Copernicus Airport (IATA: WRO) serves the city of Wroclaw in southwest Poland, located 10 kilometers from the city center. The airport facilities include two passenger terminals and one cargo terminal with one main runway.

The Airport is serviced by full-service carriers and LCCs operating scheduled domestic and international services across Europe.

It was formerly called Starachowice Airport but was renamed in December 2005 after the famous astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, who studied Wrocław in the early 14th century.

It was first built by the Germans in 1938. It had a single runway, one terminal building handling international and domestic flights in separate sections, and a 3,300m² cargo terminal.

The first international flights were inaugurated in January 1993, serving Frankfurt, Germany. Significant airport improvements were completed in the late twentieth century.

A new international departure terminal was opened in May 1997, followed by a new domestic airport in November 1998.

The Airport's services were expanded between 2007 and 2008, with new airlines joining the six already established.

Wrocław is the largest city in western Poland. Its unique charm, magnificent architecture, and vibrant colors make it one of Poland's prettiest destinations.

Its medieval market square (Rynek), one of the largest in Poland and arguably one of the most picturesque in Europe, was almost rebuilt after 1945.

Many of the buildings in Wroclaw's picturesque old town are painted with bright colors that reflect the city's youthful and creative vibe.

Wroclaw's Old Town is a winding maze of cobblestoned lanes, church spires, and vibrantly colored buildings. This is the district where you'll find most of the city's historical monuments and medieval architecture.

Wrocław is one of the leading academic centers in Poland and is home to several universities, the biggest of which is the 300-year-old University of Wroclaw.

Students flock to Wrocław not only because of its excellent education standard but also because of its vibrant, cultured way of life.

In Wrocław, the summers are comfortable; the winters are frigid, snowy, and windy; and it is partly cloudy year-round. Over the year, the temperature typically varies from 26°F to 76°F and is rarely below 8°F or above 87°F. The best time of year to visit Wrocław for warm-weather activities is mid-June to early September.

The warm season lasts for 3.5 months, from May 26 to September 9, with an average daily high temperature above 68°F. The hottest month in Wrocław is July, with an average high of 75°F and a low of 57°F.

The cold season lasts for 3.7 months, from November 19 to March 9, with an average daily high temperature below 44°F. The coldest month of the year in Wrocław is January, with an average low of 26°F and a high of 36°F.

The snowy period of the year lasts for 2.5 months, from December 8 to February 22, with a sliding 31-day snowfall of at least 1.0 inches. The month with the most snow in Wrocław is January, with an average snowfall of 1.3 inches.

The snowless period lasts 9.6 months, from February 22 to December 8. The least snow falls around July 20.

Wrocław Copernicus Airport is served by two MPK Wrocław bus lines, 106 and 129, connecting Downtown and the railway station (Wrocław Żerniki).

WRO Airport Express also connects the Airport with Dominikański Square (near Market Square). Flixbus on the route Szczecin-Zakopane also stops at the Airport.

The Airport also is served by traditional taxi corporations. The Airport has more than 1,500 parking spaces, and car rental is available onsite. There is also a bike path that leads to the Airport.

There are future plans to build a railway line between the airport and Wrocław Główny railway station. A tunnel and a railway station have already been made under the main terminal.

The Airport has numerous restaurants, grab-and-go options, coffee and gift shops, wireless internet access, restrooms, ATMs, currency exchange, etc.

The Executive Lounge is located in a departure hall, a comfortable place to work and relax before travel.

The relaxation zone, comfortable working area, and an excellent offer of hot dishes, snacks, and drinks make our Executive Lounge one of our passengers' favorite places.

Information Desk

Information about departures and arrivals, information desk for persons with disabilities

Location: free access area, level 0

Contact: tel. +48 71 35 81 381

Opening hours: before departures, after arrivals

Tourist Information

Information on tourist attractions of the city and the region, promotional materials, maps

Location: free access area, level 0

Contact: 519 509 336

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 8 am – 11 pm

Wroclaw Copernicus Airport sits 123 meters above sea level at 51°06′34″N and 016°52′49″E in the city of Wroclaw, Poland.

Transfer Services at Wroclaw Copernicus Airport

Passengers at Wroclaw Copernicus Airport can use several modes of comfortable transportation, including rental cars, taxis, rideshares, and shuttles in front of the airport terminal building.

A train connection is not available in this facility. Please visit our Trains page for more details.

Located approximately 10 kilometers from Downtown, this Airport serves multiple airlines with daily service to and from several European destinations. The quickest way to get to the city center is by taxi, rideshare, or car rental, which are available from the Airport.

  • Planning your transfer options before hitting the road will give you peace of mind in Poland.
  • Before leaving your home, know what items are allowed in your carry-on bag, what you can pack in your checked baggage, and what items are prohibited.
  • For the riding public's convenience and direction, passengers may call the Airport Information Desk at +48 71358-1381 for transport assistance anytime.
  • Travelers should only transact at the airport counters and other legitimate establishments for their safety.

Rental Car Services at Wroclaw Copernicus Airport

Car Rental Services are on the ground floor of the Arrivals Hall near the terminal's Baggage Claim area.

Generally, the rental facility is open 24/7. Still, you can also inquire about specific service hours and return procedures at your service provider. See and compare all rental car companies at Wroclaw Copernicus Airport.

  • To speed up the process when picking up your vehicle at the facility, please have your valid driving license, passport, and credit card ready to present at the counter.
  • As soon as you have submitted any necessary paperwork, someone will bring you your car key and lead you to where your vehicle is stored.
  • Plan and book your rental car as soon as possible ahead of your trip. Also, check with your rental car company to confirm your reservation ahead of your trip.
  • When ready to return your vehicle to the car rental center, remove all personal items before turning the rented vehicle to the designated facility.
  • Allow plenty of time for your drive when returning the vehicle. If you're unsure where to go, call the rental company.
  • When renting a vehicle, customers must abide by the Terms and Conditions of the rental company at all times.
  • Don't hesitate to contact the rental car company directly for item(s) lost and found inside the vehicle.
  • If you believe you lost anything near the car rental offices, approach the Lost and Found Office for assistance or call +48 713-58-1437.
  • Ideally, they will keep them in the Lost Property Office for 30 days.

Ride Shares at Wroclaw Copernicus Airport

Rideshares pick up and drop their passengers at the designated area in front of the terminal building.

  • Passengers can reserve rideshare by downloading the company's app on their smartphone and coordinating directly with their driver.
  • They can also request a ride a few days before their flight to avoid the inconvenience.
  • For added safety, ridesharing apps should let users verify the identity of drivers by checking out their faces, license plates, and colors.

Taxis at Wroclaw Copernicus Airport

You proceed to the Ground Transportation Center from the Baggage Claim area and wait for your turn for the next available taxi. See more information about taxis at Wroclaw Copernicus Airport.

The taxi fare from Wroclaw Airport to Downtown should be about 55-65 PLN if you take one of the taxi companies recommended by the Airport.

Trains at Wroclaw Copernicus Airport

Trains are not available at the Airport. Please approach the Airport Information Desk for updated information about available services or other transportation-related inquiries. You can also visit our Trains page for more details. More information about train services near Wroclaw Copernicus Airport.

Buses at Wroclaw Copernicus Airport

Public buses are available from the Ground Transportation Center in front of the airport terminal. More information about buses to and from Wroclaw Copernicus Airport.

Hotel Shuttle Services at Wroclaw Copernicus Airport

When traveling, one of the most important things to consider is how you will get from the Airport to your hotel. In Wroclaw, for example, many hotels provide shuttle services that will take passengers directly to their hotel upon arrival.

It is an excellent option if you are looking for convenience and affordability. Your hotel or service provider will provide you with specific instructions.

Please check with your hotel if they provide this service at the Airport. Shuttles usually have a designated pick-up drop area at the Airport Ground Transportation Center.

Parking at Wroclaw Copernicus Airport

The Airport provides safe and comfortable parking spaces for its customers. The Parking Service at +48 7135-81244 will be able to answer parking-related inquiries. Cash and credit card payments at the facility.

See more information about short and long term parking at Wroclaw Copernicus Airport.

Other Services at Wroclaw Copernicus Airport

Wireless Internet service is available throughout the Airport for wireless-enabled laptop computers or mobile devices. Internet kiosks are available for a fee on the upper floor, Terminal A – departures, and Terminal B – departures. Free internet access is open at "Internet City" in Terminal B.

ATMs at Wroclaw Copernicus Airport

There are several ATMs in the Arrivals and Departures hall. The cash machines accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. Fees may apply.

When you use your debit or credit card at ATMs and for purchases overseas, understanding how the fees work can help you plan appropriately and minimize your costs.

While some banks provide restrictions when drawing funds from an international location, using a foreign ATM usually results in a fee upward of $5 charged by your home bank.

You can eliminate these fees by using internationally recognized banks and structuring your home account to include free foreign ATM withdrawals.

Please inquire with your bank for more information.

Currency Exchange at Wroclaw Copernicus Airport

Currency exchange appears to be available at the Airport. Please approach the Information Desk for confirmation.

Nursing Stations at Wroclaw Copernicus Airport

Nursing mothers traveling through airports require a designated place to nurse and pump milk in privacy. It is a space that provides comfort for moms who need to assist their children while on the go.

If you are a nursing mother who needs some privacy, please approach the Airport Information Desk for assistance.

Restrooms at Wroclaw Copernicus Airport

The Airport provides well-maintained restrooms and is committed to providing a pleasant experience for its guests. Accessible toilets and regular bathrooms are available throughout the building.

Food and Beverages at Wroclaw Copernicus Airport

There are food and beverages shops throughout the airport terminals. Most food concessions operate on varying schedules. Note that food and beverages at the Airport can be a bit pricey.

Shopping at Wroclaw Copernicus Airport

Passengers can do some last-minute shopping upon arrival or departure from this facility. Generally, shopping at any Airport is not ideal unless you are looking for last-minute travel items or gifts.

However, if you must purchase something at the Airport, select what is urgent and necessary. Ideally, you must avoid buying special clothing or electronics from the Airport. The prices are relatively higher, and the selection is usually quite limited.

Smoking at Wroclaw Copernicus Airport

Please follow smoking regulations at the Airport to avoid the inconvenience.

  • Smoking is allowed in designated areas outside the terminals. When in the facility, please follow smoking regulations at all times.
  • Smoking areas are essential for smokers because they provide a place to smoke without leaving the facility and smoking in public.

Lost and Found Section at Wroclaw Copernicus Airport

Please make sure to file a report before moving to your next destination. Don't forget to include your full name, contact details, phone number, Email, and a description of the item(s).

  • If you lost your belongings on an aircraft or gate area, don't hesitate to contact your respective airline.
  • If you lost an item anywhere at the terminals or concourses, including the Airport transport vehicles, reach out to the Lost and Found Section at +48 713-58-1437.
  • Items left behind at Airport Security Checkpoints are held for a minimum of 30 days or until the thing is reunited with the original owner.

Ticketing Services at Wroclaw Copernicus Airport

Each airline has its operating hours, but typically, airlines open their ticket counters two hours before departure time, even for early morning flights.

  • Contact the airline directly for fares, ticket purchases, and flight schedules. Also, consider the advantages of booking a flight ahead of time.
  • All information and ticket purchases can be made directly by the passenger or its representative on your airline's Website.
  • When traveling, some people buy airline tickets through the airport kiosks.
  • It is convenient because it allows travelers to purchase tickets before their flight. Sometimes, the prices are lower than if they were to buy the tickets online.

However, there are some drawbacks to buying airline tickets at the Airport. For example, sometimes the prices are higher, and the selection of flights may be more limited.

Whichever option you choose, the ticketing counters are at the Airport terminal building.

Information Desk at Wroclaw Copernicus Airport

The Airport Information Office can help you obtain valuable guidelines on flights, facilities, and travel options in and around the Airport. Airport Information Desk at +48 71358-1381.

Pet Relief at Wroclaw Copernicus Airport

One of the best innovations in airports over the last few years is the addition of pet relief areas. It allows passengers with pets to relieve their animals before or after a flight without going outside the airport complex.

Please look for signages if you need to relieve your four-legged friends to the area. You can also approach the Information Desk for proper guidance.

  • However, before flying with your pet to this facility, please check any restrictions or special rules with the airline.
  • You must also verify the destination country's health certificates, documents, and quarantine requirements.
  • When allowed, pets must be in containers (kennels) that are strong enough to withstand breaking and prevent escape.
  • Pet owners must respect the community rules regarding the movements of pet animals in enclosed public spaces.
  • All information about the necessary documents needed for your pet is available thru your airline.

Baggage Claim at Wroclaw Copernicus Airport

Please retrieve luggage at your designated Baggage Claim on the Ground Level of the terminal. Carts are available to assist passengers with special needs.

  • If missing items are missing, contact your respective airline or airline ticket counter.
  • Report to the Lost and Found Office for lost or damaged luggage at Phone: +48 713-58-1437.
  • When leaving a message, include your name, Email, contact phone number, and a brief description of the lost item(s).

Disabled Passengers at Wroclaw Copernicus Airport

For travelers with disabilities or medical needs who have questions about the airport policies or procedures at security checkpoints, please call +48 71358-1381.

  • Additionally, they may notify the airline, travel agent, ticketing agent, flight attendant, or gate agent when carts, wheelchairs, or medical transportation is needed.
  • When applicable, the travel plan should include to and from airport transfers, including transportation options and emergency care.
  • Finally, please arrive at the airport one hour earlier than advised. It will allow time for accommodations to be made and avoid delays through the security gates.

Wroclaw Copernicus Airport Contacts

Address: Graniczna 190, 54-530 Wrocław, Poland
General Phone: +48 71358-1381
General Email:
Lost and Found Phone: +48 713-58-1437
Information Desk: +48 71358-1381
Official Website:

Local Information

Drive on: Right
Electricity: 230V/50Hz.
Plug: C, E
Currency: Polish Zloty, PLN, Euro
Wi-Fi at Airport: Free Wi-Fi access is available throughout the Airport.

Services at Copernicus Wroclaw Airport

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Copernicus Wroclaw Airport experienced a significant surge in passenger traffic, with a recorded total of 453,749 passengers. Comparatively, the same month in 2019 saw 383,861 passengers.

Copernicus Wroclaw Airport Passenger Numbers Soar by 16% in June 2023

Copernicus Wroclaw Airport in Poland experienced a significant surge in passenger numbers in June 2023. Compared to the pre-pandemic year of June 2019, where the airport served 364,938 passengers, the figures for June 2023 revealed an impressive increase with a total of 423,699 passengers...

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